007a March Birthstone Aqua LHS



March’s birthstone is Aquamarine. Dreamy, soulful, soothing… this gemstone is seen as offering the tranquillity of cool, clear water that is so alluring and enchanting.

Ocean Ring Round Aquamarine Platinum Ring

Aquamarine Ocean Ring: gentle curving waves of Palladium $1.929


5 Stone Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in Rose Gold $1,720 icon

5.50 Carat Aquamarine and .15 ct. t.w. Diamond Ring in 14kt White Gold

5.50 ct Aquamarine and Diamond Ring, 14k white gold NOW $896.00 25% OFF

icon icon

Channel set Aquamarine and Diamond Ring $1,322 NOW $727.00 icon

Emerald rings

Bright, vivid gemstones that have been worn as jewelry by the nobility of Egypt, Greece and Rome. The deep vibrant greens produce an almost hypnotic quality that makes this gemstone one of the most highly prized in the world.

Ruby rings

Rubies, often set with the stones have been a popular choice of Royalty – especially for engagement rings. The best rubies have a specific rich color that can vary from deep purplish red through to a rich carmine red.

Sapphire rings

A symbol of passion and warmth, sapphires and rubies are some of the most sought after gemstones. The engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton has drawn attention, once again, to Princess Diana’s own blue sapphire engagement ring. This unique blue sapphire ring has become iconic in the jewelry world.

Amethyst rings

This purplish-violet gemstone comes in a variety of hues, from a light pinkish violet to a deep rich purple. Amethyst has been used as a gemstone since antiquity and is thought of as one of the most beautiful gemstones. This purple stone has often been associated with Royalty from Cleopatra to Catherine the Great

Opal rings

A symbol of hope, opals are the most mystical looking of all the gems. The tantalising play of color is caused by iridescent flashes of color which change with the angle of view – a phenomenon that is called opalescence. The intensity and distribution of the flashes of color is a determining factor in valuing an opal

Pearl rings

Often considered the gift of a lifetime, pearls have a lustre that is due to the organic layers that refract the light to create a shine and luminosity that is unique amongst fine jewelry.

Topaz rings

Although commonly known as a beautiful light blue stone, Topaz comes in a variety of colors, including golden yellow and pink. The orange-red Imperial type 2 is extremely rare. However, it is the blue topaz with its piercing blues, its sparkle and vitality that gives it a star quality that can lift spirits and make a perfect gift for someone special

Citrine rings

Citrine comes in luscious golden yellow hues which give jewelry a warmth and vibrancy that is unique to this gemstone. Citrine rings capture the energy of the sun and are said to work on the subconscious, bringing people more in touch with their spiritual and intuitive side.





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