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Agate rings

Agate ring

Banding, swirls of different colors or multi-colored translucency.

Amethyst Rings

Purplish-violet gemstone in a variety of hues.

 Aquamarine Rings

Shimmering blues and bluey-greens,  conjuring up images of the sea.

 Citrine rings

A luscious golden yellow stone, capturing the energy of the sun.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) rings

Cubic ZirconiaA cool, clear man-made splendour that can rival that of diamonds.

Diamond Rings

Princess cut diamond ring in white gold

A girl’s best friend; traditional choice for engagement rings.

 Emerald Rings

The deep vibrant greens produce an almost hypnotic quality. Highly prized.


Garnet ringUsed since the Bronze Age; red garnet is the most widely known.


Onyx ringA mainly black  gemstone from the Chalcedony family.

Opal rings

A symbol of hope and the most mystical looking of all the gems. 


Pearls have a lustre that is unique amongst fine jewelry.

Peridot rings

Peridot ringAlso known as Olivine, because of its olive green coloring.

Ruby rings

The best rubies have a rich color that can vary from deep purplish red through to a rich carmine red.

Sapphire rings

A symbol of passion and warmth; love, longing. loyalty. Blue and other colors.

Topaz rings

A variety of colors, including golden yellow and pink. It is the blue topaz that can lift spirits.

Turquoise rings

Turquoise ringAn opaque, blue-green mineral; turquoise rings are often difficult to find. 


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