Wow your girlfriend with a ring on a budget

If money is no object, then choosing any kind of ring – and especially an  engagement ring – is usually no problem.

Most of us, however, have to work to a budget.  This doesn’t mean just opting for a cheap ring; it means that you should choose carefully.  If you’re set on buying a diamond then our article “How to choose a diamond ring” will give you some helpful tips on how to select a great ring.

If you’re wanting to surprise your girlfriend with a great ring, but are a bit short of cash, then there are ways of making your budget go as far as possible. There are ways that will allow you to ‘wow your girlfriend with a ring on a budget”.

– a number of stones costs less than a single stone with the same overall weight;

– a cluster of small stones looks bigger than a single stone;

– the setting can enhance the overall presentation;

– the shape of the stone is important in creating the right impression;

– the cost of the metal in the band can add significantly to the cost;

– it doesn’t have to be a diamond…. 

For  more information on these … 

Choosing a ring where the diamond (or gemstone) looks larger than it is

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