Edwardian Rings (1901-1920)

Although the reign of King Edward Vll ended in 1910, this was not the end of the Edwardian period for jewelry. In design terms, the Edwardian period continues through to the 1920s and the introduction of the Art Deco Style.

Advances in technology allowed Platinum to be used in jewelry for the first time.

The introduction of the oxyacetylene torch, capable of producing the high temperatures needed to work with this new metal, opened up new opportunities.

After the Victorian years, when yellow gold was the prime metal, the whiteness and lustre of platinum soon found favor.

Platinum became a popular choice particularly because it enhanced the color and sparkle of diamonds that were also increasing in popularity

Much of Edwardian jewelry is white: diamonds in platinum or white gold settings, often with fine filigree patterns, simulating lace.

Edwardian society reflected the wealth, refinement and elegance of the time and this is shown in Edwardian jewelry. Better manufacturing techniques and the ready supply of diamonds from the new South African mines allowed Edwardian jewelers to produce some of the finest rings ever made.

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