Trying to work out a list of birthstones by month as well as birthstone colors and birthstone meanings can often seem confusing. Birthstone lists vary, depending on whether they originate from ancient and traditional beliefs about gemstones or whether they are derived from more modern sources. 

Each culture has its own birthstone list, its own list of birthstones by month – Arabic, Hebrew, Hindu etc. Although these birthstone lists differ, they are amazingly similar in most respects. The birthstone chart  below was produced by and compares the monthly birthstones for a number of ancient cultures. Our own Birthstone Chart brings together these different sources – and also includes the gemstones associated with the different Zodiac Signs.

Ancient and traditional lists of birthstones for each month are often similar to those of the Zodiac signs, bearing in mind the fact that the dates for Zodiac signs usually straddle two months.  For example, although the Modern Birthstone listing for the month of April is the Bloodstone, many ancient listings show the birthstone as Diamond or Sapphire. Diamond is also the gemstone for the Zodiac sign of Aries.  Aries of course, runs from March 21st – 20th April.

Since the Bloodstone is not a particularly pretty gemstone for ladies rings, it is understandable that many people prefer to list the birthstone for the month of April as the Diamond.

Our Birthstone Chart has been created to show you the different gemstones listed by month and listed for the different  Zodiac Signs, the Ancient and Traditional gemstones as well as for the Modern Gems list.

The “modern gemstone list” was adopted by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912. In the USA, this is now the accepted list of gemstones. Tanzanite was added as an additional birthstone for December by the American Gem Trade Association in October 2002.

Our best advice is choose the gemstone that appeals to you most – or the one that best suits your skin tone and personality (or that of the recipient) when looking for jewelry.  

If you really want to look into this subject further, here are references that will be useful to you:

Some useful references: 

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 Birthstones chart and cultures


For more information about birthstones for each month, see our Birthstones Chart – and check out the list of Gemstones by Month and our list of Zodiac Signs and Birthstones and Gemstones.



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