Birthstone Chart: birthstones by month and birthstones by Zodiac sign


Our Birthstone by Month Chart has been specially created to help you find the best gemstone yourself – or for whoever you are planning to surprise with a birthstone gift.

The history of birthstones goes back to ancient times and, as a result, many different birthstone lists can be found. Our Birthstones Chart shows the gemstones from the most commonly found lists of monthly birthstones, so that you can choose the gemstone that suits you the best.

Choose your birthstone from our Zodiac Birthstone list, our Modern Gemstone List or from our Ancient and Traditional gemstone list. Having more than one gemstone to choose from is ideal if you want to choose the monthly birthstone that you find most appealing – or if you fancy a two tone ring.

Our birthstone chart below gives you a birthstone by month list so that you can easily identify both your birthstone for your birth month and your Zodiac birthstone – you no longer have to ask “what is my birthstone?”

If you’re an Aries then choosing Diamond from the Zodiac list and Sapphire from the Ancient List will make a perfect combination for that special ring. Or, if you are a Pisces, how about combining the passionate purple of an Amethyst with the cool blue of an Aquamarine?



If the idea of Customizing your own ring with different gemstones excites you, then Gemvara has a huge range of beautiful designs that you can have fun with online. Click on the link below to see how you can combine a range of different birthstones with different metals.

Of course, you may simply wish to buy a ready-made ring with the perfect birthstone. Our Birthstones Chart will enable you to select the gemstone of your choice.

Birthstone Chart: birthstones by month; birthstones by Zodiac sign



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