Birthstones by month and birthstone colors

The Modern Gemstone for August is: Peridot

Peridot Colors:
pale green and olive green

About Peridots
The ideal color of Peridot is a rich green, but some Peridots are yellowish green, greenish yellow or brown. Iron gives the Periodot is green coloring although the best colored gemstones have an iron percentage of less than 15% as more than that starts to create a brownish coloration. Chromium, that adds blue to a gemstone and Nickel, as trace elements, contribute to the best peridot color.

A peridot was given by Napoleon to his mistress, Josephine as an expression of his love and it is believed that some of Cleopatra’s famous emeralds were actually Peridots.

Due to the often conflicting and confusing range of gemstones found when comparing ancient cultural lists of gemstones for each month, we are only listing the Modern gemstones for each month and their colors. For anyone not liking the gemstone for their particular month, please consult our Zodiac birthstone chart below.

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