Birthstones by month and birthstone colors

The Modern Gemstones for December are: Blue Topaz, Turquoise and Tanzanite

Blue Topaz Colors
blue hues include: sky blues, greenish blues and electric blues

About Blue Topaz
This gemstone is a silicate composed mainly of aluminium and fluorine. Most Topaz stones are colorless, and of little commercial value, but the colored forms are much sought after. The rarer blue topaz can be found in nature although most of them are produced by a combination of irradiation and heating treatment.

Turquoise Colors
sky blue, turquoise and greenish blues – with flecks of gold

About Turquoise
An opaque, blue-green mineral that is formed by moisture seeping through mineral rich soil containing Copper, Aluminium Phosphates and Iron and down to crevasses and gaps in rocks and clay, where it develops into Turquoise over millions of years.

Tanzanite Colors:
Deep blues and purple

About Tanzanite
This stunningly beautiful gemstone is a relatively recent discovery, having been accidentally found in Tanzania in the 1960’s. The Tanzanite , named after the area in which it was found, is a deep blue color gemstone with purplish hues.

Due to the often conflicting and confusing range of gemstones found when comparing ancient cultural lists of gemstones for each month, we are only listing the Modern gemstones for each month and their colors. For anyone not liking the gemstone for their particular month, please consult our Zodiac birthstone chart below.

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