Birthstones by month and birthstone colors

The Modern Gemstone for January is: Garnet

Garnet colors:
Pink, Purple, Red, Orange, Brown

About the Garnet:
The garnet group of minerals are Silicates comprising four main varieties: These are the Almandite Garnet, the Andradite Garnet, the Hessonite Garnet and the Pyrope Garnet.

Although Garnets are hard, durable stones, have pretty colors and reflect light well, many people consider garnets to be inferior to other colored gems. This is quite likely due to the fact that they are commonly found and much less expensive that other gemstones. However, there are some rarer garnets which are considerably more expensive. Some of these are the Tsavorite, Rhodolite, Spessartite and “The Blue Color Change” Garnets:

Garnets were viewed by the ancients as “Earth” or “Power” stones.

Due to the often conflicting and confusing range of gemstones found when comparing ancient cultural lists of gemstones for each month, we are only listing the Modern gemstones for each month and their colors. For anyone not liking the gemstone for their particular month, please consult our Zodiac birthstone chart below

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