Birthstones by month and birthstone colors

The Modern Gemstones for June are: Moonstone and Pearl

Moonstone Colors:
milky whites, cream, pink, peach, blues, silver greys, gold

About the Moonstone
Moonstone has a milky white, luminous glowing appearance with different hues of blue and yellow. The gemstone, belongs to Feldspar group of minerals that make up 60% of the Earth’s crust. This mystical looking gemstone has associations with the moon and the goddess Diana.

Pearl Colors
White, cream, pink, peach, purple, gold, blue, green, aubergine, grey and black

About Pearls
Natural pearls are formed when a small foreign object, such as a parasite or grain of sand, becomes trapped inside the shell of an oyster. Then this is unable to be ejected, the mollusc secretes a substance called nacre to cove the foreign body in a succession of concentric layers. This creates a smooth, protective coating that, over time, becomes a pearl.

With associations to the moon, because of their lustrous moonlike qualities, Pearls have a history dating back to the times of Cleopatra and St. Augustine.

Due to the often conflicting and confusing range of gemstones found when comparing ancient cultural lists of gemstones for each month, we are only listing the Modern gemstones for each month and their colors. For anyone not liking the gemstone for their particular month, please consult our Zodiac birthstone chart below.

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