Birthstones by month and birthstone colors

The Modern Gemstones for November are: Topaz and Citrine

Topaz Colors:
Yellow, orange and brown

About Topaz
This gemstone is a silicate composed mainly of aluminium and fluorine. Most Topaz stones are colorless, and of little commercial value, but the colored forms are much sought after. Topaz colors range from yellow to orange and brown

Citrine Colors:

About Citrine

Citrine, the name, comes from the old French word Citrinthat means citrus or yellow. The gemstone can be easily mistaken for a Topaz and vice versa. To an untrained eye, both gemstones can look very similar – although a Topaz is generally more expensive.

Due to the often conflicting and confusing range of gemstones found when comparing ancient cultural lists of gemstones for each month, we are only listing the Modern gemstones for each month and their colors. For anyone not liking the gemstone for their particular month, please consult our Zodiac birthstone chart below.

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