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Antique and Vintage Rings – Victorian Rings: 1837-1900

victorianA review of Antique and Vintage Rings. The Victorian period: 1837-1900

The Victorian age, from the start of Queen Victoria’s reign in 1837, has become one of the most popular eras for those wanting an antique or vintage ring. The range of engagement rings, weddings rings, anniversary rings and other, special occasion rings available from this period demonstrates the jeweler’s art of combining beautiful gemstones with romantic settings. Never has Victorian jewelry – and Victorian Rings – been more popular.

Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837 through to 1901, brought about a long period of prosperity in Britain. A combination of a high level of trade across the whole British Empire together with and the Industrial Revolution led to a rising affluent middle class. These were people who were eager to spend their new -found wealth – and some of it on expensive jewelry. Continue reading Antique and Vintage Rings – Victorian Rings: 1837-1900