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Ruby Gemstone Rings – Choosing Your Ruby Ring

How to choose your ruby ring; how do you assess the quality of a ruby ring?

Vintage 1990 1.60 ct Ruby and Diamond Engagement RingRubies are very much in vogue nowadays; demand for rubies-along with diamonds –  is one of the top trends in rings and there has been increasing demand for ruby rings for the past few years. This is understandable. Rubies are one of the 4 major gemstones and a premium ruby ring can often put some of the larger diamonds to shame. 

The question is how do you detect the quality of a ruby ring; how do you assess the quality of the stone and the setting? How do you choose the one ruby ring that is right for you? 

First of all the stone itself. Continue reading Ruby Gemstone Rings – Choosing Your Ruby Ring

Birthstones by month: which data to believe

blue sapphire ring set in white goldWith so many lists of gemstones by month and so many birthstone lists – many of them with contradictory information – it’s not surprising that many of us get confused as to which ones are correct.  Well, quite simply – they are all correct in one way or another.  

The history of birthstones goes back many years to various points in history – and to different cultures. In ancient times, gemstones were ascribed specific qualities that related to beliefs about health, healing, astronomy and astrology.  Some of these cultures include: Hindu, Hebrew, Roman, Arabic, Polish and European pagan civilisations – all with different beliefs about the qualities and meanings of the different gemstones that they were familiar with.  As a result, we now have an abundance of information about many of the gemstones currently used for jewelry today – much of which is paradoxical .

In the early part of the last century, an attempt to produce an official list of birthstones by month was made by the American Gem Trade Association – in 1912 to be precise. This list has now become known as the “Modern” gemstone list to differentiate it from all the previous ones. 

However, the rationale that the American Gem Trade Association used for designating a gemstone for each month is unclear – and if anything has only served to confuse people even further.  The more cynical gemstone experts consider that the “Modern” list was constructed purely in order to promote certain gemstones on a commercial basis and bears no relationship to any of the underlying belief systems, customs or traditions of the different ancient cultures. Continue reading Birthstones by month: which data to believe

Sapphire Gemstone Rings – symbolising love, longing, loyalty

The Sapphire gemstone symbolises love, longing and loyalty.

Overstock - princess Diana ring - white gold, sapphire, diamondAlthough we can describe the Sapphire as an example of the mineral corundum, it is more sensible to describe the sapphire in terms of the feelings it generates: love, longing and loyalty. 

In practical terms, Sapphire is the mineral corundum – as is the ruby. This mineral is the second hardest gemstone after the diamond: red corundum is known as ruby, while all other colors are referred to as Sapphire. 

Blue is the most famous of the sapphire colors and the prized Kashmir and Burmese sapphires have a deep blue that is intense and velvety.

However, these sapphires are not often seen on the market today. Sri Lankan and Madagascar sapphires are the most common today, with a wide range of colors from light sky blue to dark blue. Other producers of blue sapphire are Australia, Tanzania, Thailand, Cambodia, and the USA (Montana). Continue reading Sapphire Gemstone Rings – symbolising love, longing, loyalty