How to wow your girlfriend with a ring – without going bankrupt

When money is no object, then choosing an engagement ring is usually less of a problem – once you’ve figured out the type of ring your loved one will like.

Most of us, however, have to work to a budget. This doesn’t mean scanning the web for cheap (and possibly substandard) rings. It means that you should choose carefully. If you’re set on buying a diamond then our article “How to choose a diamond ring” will also give you some helpful tips on how to select a great ring.

If you’re wanting to surprise your girlfriend with a great ring, but are a bit short of cash, then here are some suggestions to help you impress the one you love – and without breaking the bank.

Choosing a ring where the diamond (or gemstone) looks larger than it is

  • A ring with a bezel setting can make the stone (diamond or otherwise) look larger than it actually is. A bezel setting has metal surrounding the centre stone.
  • A diamond with the centre stone surrounded by lots of tiny diamonds also creates the illusion of the main diamond being bigger than it is -or in the case of gemstones, where the main gemstone and the surrounding ones are the same color.
  • Marquise and oval shaped stones also create the impression of being larger than round stones
  • A 3 stone diamond ring can add up to the same weight as a solitaire, but costs less, simply because one large diamond is more expensive than 3 smaller ones.
  • White gold creates less contrast than yellow gold when it is next to the white of diamonds. This can also help the centre stone to look bigger than it is.

Alternatives to buying a diamond :

If you’d like to buy your loved one a diamond ring, but can’t afford it, consider buying a gemstone ring in one of the following ways:

  • A white sapphire surrounded by diamonds
  • Your girlfriend’s birthstone (read our article on gemstones and birthstones) and choose a ring with her birthstone surrounded by small diamonds.
  • However, if her birthstone is one she doesn’t like, think about selecting a gemstone for the month in which you met – or some other significant date for both of you

Alternatively, forget about having any diamonds and buy the largest gemstone you know your girlfriend loves (and you can afford). Make sure the stone is cut so that it sparkles well and gives it the wow factor.

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