How to Choose Engagement Rings for Women

How to Choose Engagement Rings for Women


Help and advice on choosing and buying engagement rings for women.

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Most guys hate shopping for anything, let alone something as important as an engagement ring. With so many things to think about: the style, the stone, the metal , the quality, the price ……it can be enough to make anyone feel just a little bit overwhelmed.

However, choosing engagement rings for women – for your girlfriend – picking out the engagement ring that truly expresses what you feel, can be a relatively straightforward process. Just as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. 

There are certainly benefits in buying your jewelry online. Buying a ring online from our selection of rings is an excellent way to find that special ring. It gives you the ability to browse a wide range of jewelry options – and do it in the comfort of your own home ….. without feeling under pressure to buy. Until you’ve found the perfect ring to give to the one you plan to marry.

And of course there are significant savings to be made by buying jewelry online.

1. What type of ring will your girlfriend like?

If you’re going to surprise your loved one with a ring that you have chosen, you had better do your homework to discover the type of ring that she would choose for herself. What colors does she like? when is her birthday and what is her birthstone? Take her window shopping and see what jewelry she likes.

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Diana Ring - Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring Inspired by the Engagement Ring of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton

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You could even talk to her mother, sister(s) – even her best friend – and let them into the secret; ask them what jewelry she likes. It takes a bit of effort but it will pay off. 

Of course, you can always play safe and go for a diamond ring – or one of the new CZ rings. For more about this option Click Here.

2. Your girlfriend’s ring size? 

Again, your girl’s mother or best friend may also be able to help out here. However, if this is not an option – or they simply don’t know, then read our article “How to find out your girlfriend’s ring size” . This will give you some helpful tips on the different ways you can discover this. Bear in mind that the average size for a woman’s engagement ring is a “6”.

Ring Sizes USA

3. How much to spend on an engagement ring?

Of course the final decision is up to you and the resources at your disposal. Recommendations on how much to spend on an engagement ring vary tremendously. Figures range from allocating anything from 3 week’s to 3 month’s salary on an engagement ring.

Again there are other options open to you if you are working to a restricted budget. See our article “Affordable Engagement Rings and How to Find Them“.

4. Diamond engagement rings

Diamond Ring 1.15ct Solitaire Diamond v2If you are opting for a Diamond Engagement Ring, there is a wide range of rings to choose from. Do you want a single, solitaire diamond – a fashion introduced in the early 20th century – or are you going to opt for a cluster of smaller stones. You can find help here:

How to choose a diamond ring.

How to WOW your girlfriend with a ring – without going bankrupt.

5. Gemstone rings.

Gemvara - Engagement Rings Collection v2There is a wide range of gemstones available for your engagement ring. The belief that the only option for a traditional engagement ring is a solitaire diamond is false. This “tradition” is solely due to the marketing efforts of the diamond industry over the past 120 years or so.

Traditionally, engagement rings have been quality gemstones; rubies, emeralds, sapphires and – to a much lesser extent – diamonds. Nowadays, there is a trend towards colored diamonds: black, blue, pink, champagne and chocolate.

The collection of gemstone engagement rings above is by

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You can stick to “tradition” or opt for something more adventurous. One thing you can be sure of: whatever you choose, your girl will be over the moon once you propose.


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