Latest Trends in Engagement Rings 2011-2012

Latest Trends in Engagement Rings: 2011/2012

A summary of the latest trends in engagement rings and the jewelry for 2011/2012.

In 2011, we published our article on the latest trends in engagement rings and other jewelry. At the time there seemed to be something for everyone. So, whether you were wishing to choose a stunning ring for your girlfriend or were a couple wanting to choose one together, we offered a selection of what was hot at the time. 

Latest Trends: Engagement Rings 2011/2012

  1. “Crowns” and “Coronets” Engagement Rings:  One of the latest looks right now is about the setting and the higher the stone is set the better.  The single diamond solitaire has always been a popular choice, but right now the emphasis is on setting the diamond high up in a crown or coronet style setting.  This creates a really pretty effect, whilst also enhancing the impact and sparkle of the diamond.

  2. Geometric Shape Engagement Rings:  A trend very reminiscent of the Art Deco period, geometric shapes have been making a comeback for some time – and even more so in the past year.  Square settings like the Asscher, Princess, Radiant and Cushion Cuts have become increasingly popular for their ability to add sparkle and the wow factor to just about any ring.

  3. Vintage and Antique Engagement Rings:  This is a trend that seems to going from strength to strength with each year.  Whether it’s an authentic antique or an “antique style”, there’s a huge range of designs to choose from.  If your girl is very feminine and romantic then she may like the pretty settings of the Victorian period, or if she’s a diamond girl, then perhaps the stunning sparkle of an Edwardian ring.  However, if she’s the dramatic type who loves to make an entrance then an Art Deco ring may be the ideal ring to wow all her friends.

  4. Floral Engagement Rings:  The Flower Power of the 1970’s returns! Florals and gem colors have been seen on many of the catwalks and now they’re back in jewelry fashion too.   Choose from pretty designs, reminiscent of the 1970’s or floral styles in more modern setting.

  5. Colored Diamonds:  Color is definitely back, not just with gemstones but with diamonds as well. With gorgeous names like rose pink, honey, caramel and champagne, these gorgeous gemstones sound good enough to eat – whilst looking great to wear.  Colored diamonds are a delightful new trend for a classy and colourful engagement ring.

  6. Rose Gold Engagement Rings: If you can’t decide between white or yellow gold, then how about a ring in Rose Gold?   Rose Gold is created by mixing copper with yellow gold to create a pretty pink appearance.  The more copper that is blended in with the gold, the pinker it becomes.  Designs using Rose Gold with stunning white diamonds make a very pretty contrast and are an emerging trend for the girl who wants a ring that’s beautiful, but just a little bit different.

  7. Split Shank Set Engagement Rings:  New designs are emerging where two ring bands are entwined together in decorative twists or loops that come together at the front to display a diamond in a beautiful setting.   The ring bands can be plain or studded with small diamonds in a pave effect to create extra impact.  Very pretty and very new!

  8. Non Traditional Engagement Rings: Whilst the single solitaire “Tiffany” style diamond ring is a classic that many girls will still prefer, there are many others looking for something more modern and just a bit more “edgy”.  Fortunately, there is a wealth of designs emerging that can fit the bill – from modern streamlined bezel settings through to gemstones with interesting cuts and shapes, you no longer have to do the classic thing.

  9. Bold Statement Engagement Rings:  Following on from the non-traditional is the trend towards bold statement rings .  These may be large gemstones in eye-catching settings or modern industrial style metals like Titanium with a large strategically placed diamond.   Whatever, the theme, the designs are dramatically different and define exactly who you are.

  10. Princess Diana Engagement Rings:  This beautiful deep blue sapphire and diamond ring that once belonged to Princess Diana, is once again back in the limelight, due to Prince William’s marriage proposal to his fiancé, Kate Middleton and the giving of his late mother’s ring.   First seen at the engagement between Prince Charles and Lady Diana, the ring generated a huge trend for look-a-like copies.  More recently with the engagement of Prince William and his fiancé, the demand for wanting sapphire and diamond rings in the same iconic Princess Diana style, is very much back on trend.

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