Gemstones, gemstone rings and gemstone meanings – an overview of the different gemstones: precious stones – diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires; pearls and opals; semi-precious stones – turquoise, amethyst, aquamarine, tanzanite, peridot, garnet, topaz, alexandrite and organic materials such as amber, coral and jet that are also used along with gemstones in the creation of jewelry.

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All About Gemstones


Gemstone Circle


Gemstone list

A full list of all the precious and semi-precious stones, including organic materials used as jewelry.



Gemstones: colors and meanings

Gemstone names, colors, characteristics. Gemstone meanings and the magical and mystical powers associated with precious and semi-precious stones, crystals and other jewelry. 


Amethyst - a variety of quartz

Gemstones: origins

Gemstones: precious stones, semi-precious stones, crystals and crystal structures. The 16 mineral gemstone groups – including beryl, corundum, diamond, quartz etc. Organic gemstones.


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Gemstones – the Mohs Scale

The Mohs scale, developed in 1822 by Friedrich Mohs is the recognized method of rating gemstones by their durability and hardness. 


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Gemstone Enhancement:

Gemstone treatments and enhancement: heating, irradiation, impregnation, dyeing and other treatments which can hange the appearance of Gemstones.


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Celebrity Gemstones:

Celebrities and their gemstones – eg Kim Kardashian and her ring.


Healing gemstone

Gemstone and Healing:

Throughout history, certain Gemstones have been renowned for their healing properties. Gemstones and the 7 major chakras.



From the earliest times, people have chosen to adorn themselves with gemstones (precious and semi-precious stones) as well as with other objects that have been prized for their rarity and aesthetic value.  As a result, gemstones have adorned the richest and most noble people in the land.

These days, the opportunity exists for practically everyone to wear some form of jewelry and there is a long list of gemstones available to be used in this way. Thus, whilst a ruby – along with an emerald, a sapphire and even a diamond – is still one of the most expensive gemstones around, you don’t need to be wildly rich or regal to afford and wear a gemstone.

Here on these pages you will find a Gemstones List – an alphabetical list of the most important gemstones and precious stones, together with some background on each gemstone – name, colors, mineral origins and any meanings or associations that are connected to each stone.

We then give you a list of birth stones (birthday gemstones) – the stones associated with each birthday. Finally we show you the Zodiac Gemstones – the gemstones associated with each of the Zodiac Signs. All of this is brought together into a single Birthstones Chart. 


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