Aquamarine Gemstone

The name of these beautiful gemstones with hues of light blues to blue-greens, was aptly derived from the Latin language and means “water of the sea”.   The Aquamarine is another form of Beryl with trace s of Chromium, Vanadium, Iron and Manganese.

Aquamarine is a fairly hard and durable gemstone, although it can develop internal cracks if treated harshly.  The color can also fade with exposure to prolonged levels of light.

Being a relatively common gemstone, the Aquamarine is more affordable than some gemstones, which is fortunate as it is extremely pretty and its coloring tends to suit most skin tones.   However, to the untrained eye it does look very similar to a blue topaz, which is even less expensive than Aquamarine.  It is therefore important to buy an Aquamarine from a reputable source to ensure that you are buying an Aquamarine and not a Blue Topaz.

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