Bloodstone Gemstone

A mainly dark green stone comprised of chalcedony and with strands or specks of red jasper running through it.  Chalcedony originates from a combination of quartz and moganite and Jasper from iron oxide.  Bloodstone is occasionally found with yellow inclusions called plasma.

The Bloodstone is semi translucent to opaque with a natural shine and luster.  The gemstone can be found in a range of shapes and cuts, including round, oval, emerald and cabochon and set in either silver or gold.  It scores 7 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, which makes it suitable for wearing as a ring or other jewelry – with a level of care.

The red splashes of red jasper have historically been associated with blood and beliefs about its properties as a healer of various health conditions.  These include the ability to help cleanse the blood and lymphatic system as well as improving kidney, liver and spleen functioning.  Whilst evidence of any healing qualities appears to be purely anecdotal, it is advised by gemstone therapist to wear the bloodstone so that it touches the skin, when using it for therapeutical reasons.

The Bloodstone is also steeped in mythological stories.  Early Chistians saw the stone as symbolic of Christ’s blood falling at the foot of the cross.  In Medieval times, Christians carved scenes of the crucifixion and of martyrdom on to Bloodstones – this led to the gemstone also being called the “Martyr’s Stone”.

Bloodstones have also been called Heliotropes – a name which it is still known by.  The name Heliotrope is derived from the Greek word “Helios”, meaning the God of the Sun and relates to an ancient belief that the gemstone reflected the rays of the setting sun shining down onto the sea.

Protection against evil and injustice has also been attributed to the Bloodstone – a quality also possessed by the gemstone Jasper – whose elements made up the red splashes within the Bloodstone.

Bloodstones are inexpensive gemstones that are widely available.  They are mined in abundance in Australia, Brazil, China, India and the USA.

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