Diamond Gemstone

These magnificent gems are a crystalline form of elemental carbon and are the hardest substance found in nature – as measured on the Mohs scale.   White diamonds are the most well known and very popular for engagement rings.  Diamonds are assessed for quality in terms of their cut, clarity, carat and color.   For more information about the 4C’s Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color see our article “How to Choose a Diamond Ring

Colored diamonds:

Diamonds are occasionally found in other colors:

Pink diamonds are extremely rare and highly prized.  They have been found in various shades of pink, including red and purple.  The Pink colors are caused by the earth’s high pressure

Champagne diamonds– a light brown color like champagne.  The element Nitrogen is responsible for turning diamonds yellow.

Brown diamonds have names like Cinnamon and Cognac.

Blue diamonds have been created due to the presence of Boron

Black diamonds – are due to the presence of Iron oxides.

Green diamonds have been found due to a combination of trace elements

Diamonds can be artificially colored through high pressure treatment.  Jewelry manufacturers are able to irradiate natural white diamonds and turn them into colored diamonds.  Therefore if you find a colored diamond at a very cheap price, it’s almost certain that it won’t be a natural one.

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