Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

Bring the tiger out in yourself with this silky lustrous gemstone that, due to its underlying fibrous qualities, creates the impression of a tiger looking out at you. The Tiger’s Eye was worn by ancient people to protect themselves from evil and illness and in more recent times it has been used for success in business and to attract money – well that sounds good if it works!

The Tiger’s Eye is composed of a fibrous type of Quartz called cryptocrystalline. Because quartz comprises Silica dioxide, the gemstone is reasonably hard and measures 7 on the Moh’s scale.

Tiger’s Eye is known as a Chatoyant gemstone, which means that it manifests a changeable silky luster as light reflects off fibrous bands within the stone.

Traces of iron within the stone are responsible for the Tiger’s Eye beautiful range of colors that include: yellows, honey and gold hues and reddish-browns.

The gemstone is mainly cut as a cabochon and polished in order maximize the luster and the effect of the Tiger’s Eye.

Tiger’s Eye is mined in Australia, Brazil, Burma, Canada, China, Namibia, South Africa, Spain, India and the USA.

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