Mothers Day 2013

Mothers Day 2013

Ideas for Mother's Day: Good Gifts for Mom

Would you like some suggestions for good gifts for Mother’s Day this year … or some ideas for making Mother’s Day 2013 a special day for you and your Mom.

Do you ever wonder why we celebrate Mother’s Day … and why it is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May every year?  

Is Mother’s Day celebrated in other countries? 

We aim to give you answers to these – and other – questions about Mother’s Day on this and other pages … so read on. We will also give you a little of the background and history to Mother’s Day and then suggest some possible presents for Mom and some other ways of making Mother’s Day a very special day. 

Mother’s Day in the USA

… and in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. 

White-Mini-carnationsIn the USA, Mother’s Day (whose symbol is the white carnation) is a national holiday held on the second Sunday in May to recognize mothers, motherhood and the positive contributions they make to society.

Although many Mother’s Day celebrations around the world have quite different origins and traditions, most have now been influenced by the more recent American holiday formally adopted by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. Nevertheless there are differences around the world and not all Mother’s Days have the commercial links that are so prevalent in the USA.

Mother’s Day USA
Some Key Dates

1872: Julia Ward Howe suggests the idea of Mother’s Day
1905: Anna Jarvis’s mother dies
1907: First Mother’s Day celebrated in Grafton, W Va.
1910: First Mother’s Day proclamation issued by Governor of W Va.
1913: Congress unanaimously adopts resolution making Mother’s Day a holiday
1914: President Woodrow Wilson issues proclamation that, henceforth, Mother’s day will be a National Holiday celebrated on the second Sunday In May.

Julia Ward HoweThe Mother’s Day tradition was established in the USA by Anna Jarvis, building on the campaigning work done by Julia Ward Howe some years earlier. Julia Ward Howe was a remarkable woman and, against the background of the Franco-Prussian war in Europe, campaigned for many years to establish a Mother’s Peace Day as an official holiday. However, this was not to be and it was 4 years after her death in 1910 that a Mother’s Day holiday was finally proclaimed.

After the death of her own mother inn1905, Anna Jarvis started a campaign to create a special day of remembrance, not only for her mother but for mothers in general. She managed to persuade her mother’s local church in Grafton, West Virginia, to celebrate Mother’s Day for the first time on the second Sunday in May 1907. 

anna-jarvisAnna continued campaigning and, by the following year, Mother’s Day was being celebrated across the whole of Philadelphia.

She still continued to campaign, this time aiming  to make Mother’s Day an official US holiday. She finally achieved success when president Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation (following a joint resolution by Congress) stating that Mother’s Day would be a National Holiday to be celebrated across the whole of the US on the second Sunday in May.

Unlike Anna’s campaign, others such as Julia Ward Howe, had adopted an approach which sought to promote peace by means of honoring mothers who had lost – or were at risk of losing – their sons to war. Anna’s campaign was non-political and was able to capture the emotions of the whole nation.  

Some Mother’s Day Quotes

A mother understands what a child does not say.
Jewish proverb
A mother holds her children’s hands for a while, their hearts forever.
Motherhood: all love begins and ends there.
Robert Browning
The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.
William Ross Wallace

Always be nice to your children; they are the ones who will choose your rest home.
Phyllis Diller
Perhaps it takes courage to raise children.
John Steinbeck

All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my Mother.
Abraham Lincoln
There is only one pretty child in the world … and every mother has it.
Chinese proverb
The best thing you can give children, next to good habits, are good memories.
Sydney J Harris
A mother is a person, who, seeing that there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces that she never did care for pie.
Tenneva Jordan
The heart of a mother is a deep abyss, at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.
Honore de Balzac    more……


Mother’s Day around the world:

Mother’s Day has different origins depending upon where in the world you celebrate the occasion.

Mother and 3 childrenIn the USA, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May; it does not change from year to year.  Its origins are not connected with any religious festivals as is the Christian Festival of Mothering Sunday in the UK.  Mother’s Day in the USA simply stems stems from the initial work of Julia Ward Howe, an activist for women campaigning for a Mothers’ Peace Day and the later activities of Anna Jarvis in the early 20th century, as described above and in our History of Mother’s Day. 

Although Anna Jarvis fought against the commercialization of Mother’s Day, with its emphasis on presents and cards, it has grown to be one of the major holidays of the year. It is a time when children can show appreciation and love for their mom. Families get together, there is gift giving and every attempt is made to celebrate the role that mothers play in society.

Things to do with Mom for Mother’s Day

Things to do if your Mom lives far away and there is no chance of you getting together…..

Get someone to set up a webcam so she can see you as well as talk to you

Things to do if you are meeting up with your Mom…..

Have  a manicure or pedicure together
Take her out for a picnic lunch

Things to do with Mom at home…..

Throw a surprise party with all the family
Cook Sunday lunch for her
Take her breakfast in bed

Click for more…….

Mother’s Day is now one of the most commercially successful American occasions of the year. For example, Mother’s Day has become the most popular day of the year (in the USA) to dine out at a restaurant.

Mother’s Day generates a significant portion of the U.S. jewelry industry’s annual revenue. Gifts for mom range from traditional pieces of jewelry (rings, pendants, earrings) to custom gifts like mother’s rings and specially made pendants.

Of course, traditional jewelry such as pearls, diamonds and other gemstones will always be important at this time of year – and will always be appreciated. In fact all gifts are appreciated no matter how large or small.

Americans spend approximately $2.6 billion on flowers each year with another $1.53 billion spent on pampering and luxury  gifts such as spa treatments. They spend another $68 million on greeting cards.

Of course, when it comes down to it, it is up to each of us to make that extra effort that will make Mother’s Day special. So this year, think of something new; don’t just buy a bunch of flowers at the last minute. Give it some extra thought … Mother’s Day only happens once a year

MoM with flowersTo give your imagination a turbo start, we have listed above left – and separately – some 20 Things that you can do with Mom for Mother’s Day 2013.  See our article: 20 Things to do With Mom for Mother’s Day 2013.

Many countries have taken this date for their own Mother’s Day celebrations: for example Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China and South Africa.

Although the majority of Mothers Day celebrations take place in March or May there are countries that celebrate the Mother’s Day during the summer and later in the year.  These include Mongolia, Luxembourg and Kenya in June, Thailand in August and Argentina, Indonesia, Iran, Malawi, Panama and Russia; Russia celebrates Mother’s Day in November. 

Other Celebrations connected to the History of Mothers Day 

Whilst many countries now celebrate Mothers Day, some others celebrate Mother’s Day as part of a much broader event.  Such alternative days include: Parents Day in Albania and South Korea, Mother and Chidren’s Day in Mongolia, Family Day in Israel and International Women’s Day in Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Guyana, Italy, Macedonia and the Ukraine. 

Mother’s Day: USA

Mother’s Day 2013 – Sunday May 12th
Mother’s Day 2014 – Sunday May 11th
Mother’s Day 2015 – Sunday May 10th 

Mother’s Day dates: USA

The dates for Mother’s Day 2013 plus the subsequent years for the USA and other countries sharing the same date are shown on the right. 

To read more about the origins and history of Mother’s Day read our feature History of Mothers Day 

UK and Ireland: Mothering Sunday

In the UK and Ireland, the special day is known as “Mothering Sunday” and is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent – three weeks before Easter Sunday. Since Easter Sunday falls on different dates each year, then the date for Mothering Sunday will vary also.

Mothering Sunday: UK/Ireland

Mother’s Day 2013 – Sunday March 10th
Mother’s Day 2014 – Sunday March 30th
Mother’s Day 2015 – Sunday March 15th


The Origins of Mothering Sunday date back to a pagan ceremony for the Roman goddess Cybele and a subsequent merging of it with a Christian festival to honor the Virgin Mary. 

The Christian connection has continued over the centuries and commonly celebrated in church.  With the influence of the more commercialized form of Mother’s Day, the giving of Mothers Day presents and cards has overtaken that of the original religious ceremony.  

For a history of Mothering Sunday see our feature History of Mothers Day .

Good Gifts for Mom – Mother’s Day 2013

Whether you are looking for good mothers day gifts  – or indeed presents for any other celebration –  you’ll probably want to find something just a little bit different and special that will make your mom feel that she is truly appreciated and loved.  

The best Mothers Day presents don’t have to be expensive.  Maybe you can remember when you were a child, proudly presenting your mom with a home-made card or a piece of craft work that you had lovingly created for her at school?  Perhaps you picked flowers for her from the garden or saved up your pocket money to buy her some of her favorite candies from the local store.  Perhaps you still intend to buy her some of those favorite sweet treats – but, now that you’re a grown up you want to give her more.   

One idea for a Mother’s Day gift is jewelry: always appreciated – especially if it demonstrates some thought and planning. A piece of well chosen jewelry makes an ideal Mothers Day gift that, unlike flowers and candies that soon disappear and are forgotten, can be worn and treasured forever. You can choose from a wide range of jewelry – from items that can fit any budget.

Choose a gemstone that is her birthstone …. or choose pearls; pearl earrings are a great choice and are always acceptable as a great Mother’s Day gift….. or even a pearl ring. Whatever you decide you know that your gift will be appreciated.

So good luck !

Happy Mother’s Day.






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