Ruby Gemstone Rings Selection

Our Ruby Ring Selection below showcases many of the Latest Jewelry Trends.  These include: Big and Bold, Vintage Ruby Rings, Double Halo Gemstones, Geometric Shapes, Rose Gold Metal, Twisted Bands, Flower Designs and Stackable Rings.  We hope you enjoy browsing our rings as much as we’ve enjoyed selecting them.  



If you want to make a statement, then go for Big and Bold …. and in this context, bigger is certainly better ! Jewelers are receiving more and more requests for super-sized gemstones – thanks largely to the huge stones celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are wearing. 

2.10 Carat Ruby Ringin 14kt Rose gold
Ruby and Diamond Ring $895.00 US

This Ruby and Diamond ring, set in rose gold is right on trend …. so pretty and feminine !

The 0.50 carat tw diamond Double Halo surround enhances the 2.10 carat ruby gemstone, adding vibrancy and drawing attention to the rich ruby red of the central stone.

A wonderful example of the jeweler’s art. CLICK below for  more information.

2.10 Carat Ruby and Diamond Ring – $895.00


The Ultimate Red Ruby!

The best quality ruby rings are a very rich purplish, carmine red color that has a warm, fiery glow. 

The brightest and most valuable red rubies are called pigeon blood-red rubies and command a large premium over other rubies of similar quality.

This ruby, with its exceptional sparkle and deep red color, represents the top 1% of all Rubies – an incredible piece of jewelry you will cherish forever!

This oval ruby ring with diamond surround, set in a split shank white gold band, is a joy to behold.

And, like all Angara ruby rings, it is a totally natural ruby. 


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There are many modern designs that also have that classic Big and Bold look to them – and also incorporate a modern twist – often literally.

Allurez creates some of the most stunning ruby rings around. For example, this elegant 14K rose gold ruby ring features an 8×6 mm genuine natural oval shaped ruby in a prong setting that is complemented by small diamonds on each side of the center stone…. and the twist in the rose gold band is very much in vogue.

Oval Ruby and Diamond Cocktail Ring – $470.00 US icon


Vintage ruby 1.05ct

For something a little more traditional, how about this truly elegant vintage ruby ring c 1980.

This ring has a 1.05 carat rich red ruby gemstone, surrounded by 1.00 carat t.w. of diamonds. This ring makes a sophisticated and effervescent fashion statement – and has a subtle floral motif. Available from Ross Simons: CLICK below for more information ……..

C1980 Vintage 1.05ct Ruby and Diamond Ring $4,616.50


Vintage jewelry is very much in demand at present.

Bearing this in mind, If you’re looking for a truly classic design, this majestic Estate (C 1980) ring shimmers with .60 carat t.w. of marquise-shaped rubies alternating with sparkling .25 carat t.w. diamond rounds set in 14kt yellow gold. Certainly one of a kind.

Vintage 60 carat t.w. Ruby and Diamond Ring. Size 6



Natalie Ring Round Ruby 14K White Gold Ring with Diamond
Ruby Double Halo Ring $15,803.00

One way of drawing attention to a wonderful stone is to create a halo effect and surround the stone with diamonds.

Halos were huge last year and they still continue to give that extra WOW!! factor in 2013. And if a single Halo adds impact, just think what a Double Halo can do. 

This round 1.67 ct natural AAA Ruby Gemstone has a Double Halo surround made up of 68 diamonds (0.68cts approx) set in white gold. 

Gemvara’s Natalie Ruby and Platinum Ring



Shapes and cuts have come back into their own this year, with Geometric Designs standing out from the crowd.

This customized Slant Ring with its Princess Cut Ruby from Gemvara is typical. The Ruby Gemstone is held between two elegantly angled sides …. and, like most of Gemvara’s jewelry, is customizable.

You can choose your own stone and its quality, as well as the metal – yellow gold, white gold, platinum, sterling silver …. depending on your own taste and budget.

Princess Ruby Platinum Slant Ring $8,769.00

Slant Ring Princess Ruby Platinum Ring

Interest in different shapes and cuts is one of the features that has carried over from last year. Instead of simple round cut rubies, interest is now being shown in a wide range of eye catching shapes – for example pear and oval cuts, as well as cushion and emerald cut stones. The following gemstone ruby rings from Angara are fine examples of the range of shapes now available: a pear shaped ruby and diamond 3 stone ring ($2,119.99); a heart shaped ruby ring in a contemporary setting ($1,059.99) and a deep rich ruby oval Summit ring ($1,179.99) with diamonds on either side.

Pear Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Ring Heart Ruby and Round Diamond Ring, Ruby Ring The Oval Summit Ring, Ruby Ring



Modern flower ring - ruby and diamonds set in rose gold

It is not only the stones, where we are seeing variety.

Platinum has been the go-to setting for engagement rings for years. However, interest has now shifted to other types of metals.

White and Yellow Gold are increasing in popularity and we are seeing huge demand for Rose Gold.

The modern flower ring on the right comes from Gemvara. Like most of their jewelry, this ring can be customized to your precise wishes. The one shown is rose gold with a ruby setting – but you can choose any combination of precious and semi-precious stones, for example – see Modern Flower Ring with Ruby and Diamond

Lucinda Ring Round Ruby 14K Rose Gold Ring with Diamond
Lucinda Ruby Ring From $1,000

Rose Gold has featured in many of the catwalk fashion shows this year, confirming that the Rose Gold trend is back.

This amazing colored metal adds that extra touch to any piece of jewelry. The Lucinda Round Ruby Ring 14K Rose Gold Ring  on the left comes in a wide variety of stones and metals and can be customised to your own taste – and budget. 


One of the aspects of jewelry in 2013 is the interest in the band itself. No longer is the band just a vehicle for a gemstone, it can come in a range of metals – and designs.

The twisted band in Gemvara’s rose gold Lucinda ring on the left is typical of today’s modern designs – as are the rings shown below.

Although there is always a strong demand for classic settings, modern jewelers can be highly creative, when it comes to settings and band design …. and, of course, with a jeweler like Gemvara, you can change elements in the design to suit your own taste. The middle ring below is a Double Embrace Ring (Sterling Silver with Aquamarine & Ruby) $705.00) while the two either side are Ariadne Rings. These designs were inspired by the goddess Ariadne, who spun a thread to guide her lover, Theseus, through the labyrinth. This elegant design symbolizes two becoming one: two threads of brilliance coming together to become one stronger strand. To see more of the Ariadne Band Rose Gold Ring with Ruby $1,716.00. 

Ariadne rose gold rose band Gemvara double embrace ring Ariadne palladium band with rubies



Allurez flower ring Flower shapes are still in vogue as can be seen above and in the two flower rings shown here from Allurez.  Rubies and diamonds are an ideal combination for such rings – although you can, of course, choose other stones.

This Ruby Flower Ring – cluster ring with 5 rubies. $540.00  features 5 princess cut rubies accented by 4 brilliant cut round diamonds.

Below right, the Ruby and Diamond Flower Cluster Cocktail Ring $740.00 iconhas 7 round rubies accented by a Halo of 20 brilliant cut diamonds. 

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These rings also demonstrate another trend for 2013 – an increasing popularity for thinner bands.

This trend was noted last year and is continuing through 2013.

Stackable Rings are increasing in popularity………..

Thin bands are particularly in vogue with stackable rings. THe last two years have seen a strong move towards stackable rings. This idea is not new but, nowadays, there is a much wider selection of these rings available.

Vintage stacking ring - diamond and ruby ringRuby eternity ring - stackable ringPave setting stackable ring


Stackable rings from Allurez $400-$1,500 icon



The Diana Ring Ruby Ring Ruby Ring

This is one style that never seems to go out of fashion. First of all we ought to start calling it the Princess Kate ring, now that Kate Middleton has it as her engagement ring. However, many jewelers still refer to it as the Diana Ring.

A number of jewelers now make this ring using a large central ruby rather than the blue sapphire in Princess Diana’s original ring. The Diana Ring on the right is available from Angara and comes in a number of sizes up to 1.5 carat and up to AAAA in quality; this one is set in white gold. For more information: The Diana Ring with Ruby $649.99

Rubies have strong royal connections so this Ruby Gemstone ring is probably more in keeping with British Royal Tradition than the original sapphire ring – see Rubies and Royalty.


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