Promise Ring Definition

Promise Ring Definition: What are Promise Rings

What is a Promise Ring; what is a Promise Ring used for? what is a Promise Ring definition? what is a Promise Ring in a relationship? what is the significance of a Promise Ring? what is the difference between a Promise Ring and an Engagement Ring?

Do you ever ask these questions? If so it is understandable. The phrase “Promise Ring” is used by people in lots of different ways. Not surprisingly, there can be a certain amount of confusion over precisely what the term means.

Romantic Promise Rings

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When people talk about Promise Rings and ask What is a Promise Ring or What Are Promise Rings? they are usually referring to Romantic Promise Rings. This (promise) ring is a ring that someone gives to their guy or girl friend to show their feelings for the other.

The ring can be given by a guy to his girlfriend or rings can be exchanged between the couple. There is a Promise Ring for her that the guy gives and there is also a Promise Ring for him. Often these are matching promise rings and the couple go out together to choose promise rings for couples. 

The exchange of rings usually embodies a commitment that the couple make to each other: that they won’t date anyone else; that they will be faithful to each other, that they will be committed to each other while they see how the relationship develops.

There may also be other commitments made at the same time, such as to abstain from sexual activity before marriage – but this is not always the case. 

Promise rings are therefore given to symbolize a commitment, a promise that one person makes to another.  

In practice, there is an informal, implicit agreement that the couple will probably marry at some time in the future- if the relationship continues. In this context a Promise Ring could be considered as a wedding ring for teens. 

However, while an engagement ring symbolize a clear promise to marry, promise rings reflect a looser arrangement.

Sometimes, a guy will give a Promise Ring to his girlfriend as a demonstration of his feelings for her. In such a situation, the guy needs to be comfortable about the relationship and confident that the girl will welcome the ring.

Other Types of Promise Rings

As a symbol of commitment, there are also many different types of Promise Rings, not all of which have a romantic connection. For example. there are friendship rings and loyalty rings, Claddagh rings, purity and chastity rings, religious and faith rings and eternity rings. They all have a different meaning and reflect a different form of commitment. 

A promise Ring can therefore stand for many different kinds of vows – to oneself, to another, to a loved one, to God. 

The modern definition of a Promise Ring encompasses all of these.

Promise Ring definition: what are Promise Rings

History of Promise rings

Different kinds of Promise Rings

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