When you get to the stage of thinking about giving or exchanging promise rings, there are several questions that immediately come to mind: How do I know when to give a Promise Ring? When is the right time to give (or exchange) Promise Rings? What is a Promise Ring – what are Promise Rings? What does giving a Promise Ring mean? How do I choose the right Promise Ring?

This may appear a complicated subject … one that is fraught with potential embarrassment. Here on these pages, you will find answers to your questions … and will also be able to find just the ring for the one you love.

Strange as it may seem, the tradition of giving and exchanging Promise Rings is still relatively new. There are also different kinds of Promise Rings, each one reflecting some form of commitment: Romantic Promise Rings, Friendship and Loyalty Rings, traditional Irish Claddagh Rings, Purity Rings and Chastity Rings, True Love Waits Rings, Faith and Religious Rings, Eternity Rings and Journey Rings …. not to mention Posey Rings, with their long tradition and elegant simplicity of design. Browse through our pages on Promise Rings. Choose a ring that is just right for you.

All About Promise Rings

Promise Ring - rings with love - young couple


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What is a Promise Ring

What are Promise Rings; what is the difference between Promise Rings and Engagement Rings; when to give a Promise Ring ?


The Meaning of Promise Rings

Romantic Promise Rings today: what does a promise Ring mean; when to give one ?


How to give a Promise Ring

Choosing your ring; ideas for when and where to present your ring; how to present your ring.


Romantic Promise Ring Proposals

Some great romantic ideas for declaring your feelings to your loved one.


Rings with Love - Friendship and Loyalty Rings - Two girlfriends

Friendship and Loyalty Rings

Friends forever ……


Rings with Love - Friendship Rings and Loyalty Rings - girl friends

Claddagh Rings

Traditional irish Claddagh rings: these express love, loyalty, friendship and much much more.


Rings with Love - Purity Ring - couple

Purity and Chastity Rings

A commitment to virginity, chastity and sexual abstinence outside marriage.  


Rings with Love - Religious Jewelry - 3 rings

Faith and Religious Rings

A commitment to virginity, chastity and sexual abstinence outside marriage.  

 Choose Your promisee RingOnLine Jewelry Store

Choose Your Promise Ring

 Promise Ring - rings with love - Giving a Promise Ring


Heart Rings:

Delightful Heart Rings in Pink and other colors – Diamond, Ruby, Gold and Sterling Silver.


Infinity Rings:

Classic Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Diamond Infinity Rings; choose your own Birthstone.


Flower Rings:

Gold, Silver and Rose Gold Flower Rings with a selection of beautiful gemstones.


Birthstone Rings:

Promise Rings with your own particular Birthstone, in Gold, Silver or Rose Gold.


Blue dia mond ring

Diamond Rings:

Wonderful Pink, Blue, Black and Clear Diamond Promise Rings – go on, be adventurous.


Rose gold ring v2

Rose Gold Promise Rings: 

The warmth of Rose Gold flatters the skin and tones in with most gemstones.


Stackable ring

Stackable Promise Rings:

Beautiful Promise Rings: build up the dramatic effect by adding more rings, more gemstones.


Claddagh ringCladdagh Ring:

Choose from our Claddagh Ring selection: choose a gold or silver classic friendship, Claddagh Ring.


Posy ringPosy, Posey or Poesy Rings:

Traditional posey rings – the original lover’s ring with its own inscription.

Cute ring


A Selection of Cute Rings.


Cool. ring

Promise Rings – Really Cool Rings:

A selection of modern cool rings – Promise Rings in sterling silver with a range of beautiful gemstones.


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