Friendship Rings and Loyalty Rings

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Friendship Rings and Loyalty Rings are a way of expressing attachment between close friends. They are for platonic (non-romantic) relationships and are a way for two people – either of the same sex or opposite sex – to express loyalty and friendship to each other.

The Friendship Ring allows each party to promise to support their friend through thick and thin – in both good times and bad.

The popularity of Friendship Rings and Loyalty Rings is a relatively recent phenomenon but there is a close relationship between Friendship Rings and traditional Irish Claddagh Rings.

Loyalty RingFriendship Rings and Claddagh Rings are very similar; Claddagh Rings are often exchanged between friends and used as friendship rings.

However, there is a long tradition associated with Claddagh Rings, which dates back to the 16th and 17th Centuries. Their design incorporates two hands holding a heart, topped by a small crown. The two hands represent friendship, while the heart and crown stands for love and loyalty.

There is also a complex tradition that surrounds the giving and wearing of Claddagh Rings. When used properly as a Promise Ring, the way the ring is worn indicates the status of the wearer: promised to another, engaged, married etc.

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FRIENDSHIP RING - couple 2 - 13670843_sWhereas the design of the Claddagh Ring incorporates two interlocking hands and a heart, the design of modern Friendship Rings is much simpler and they often resemble wedding bands.

They also often feature engraved text such as “Best Friends” or “Friends Forever”. 

Usually, Friendship Rings are sold in pairs, allowing both the recipient and the giver to have identical rings that fit together, like puzzle pieces, with the help of indentations and grooves. Some people choose to make their own friendship rings of materials such as beads.

Friendship Rings symbolize the bond between two people who are neither related to each other nor involved in a romantic relationship.

In some societies, Friendship rings are used to signify that the wearer is a non-blood brother or sister ….. someone who is as close as a brother/sister but is not related by blood. 

Friends wear these rings to show their support, appreciation and commitment to each other. Celebration of International Friendship Day, which takes place year on the first Sunday of August, often involves the exchange of friendship bands.

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Friendship rings Modern friendship rings can be found in materials like titanium, sterling silver, silver, stainless steel, gold, gold vermeil, cubic zirconia, beads and many more depending on your budget and particular taste.  

Sterling silver, stainless steel and titanium are the most popular and best selling Friendship Rings.

Friends wear these rings on their little finger to represent their support and commitment. 

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