How to Give a Promise Ring

How to Give a Promise Ring

Giving your loved one a Promise Ring is a public demonstration and symbol of your commitment to your relationship. As such, it is often used as a pre-engagement ring; a statement that you are planning to get married … but not just yet. The question is: how to give a promise ring?

Of course, Promise Rings can also be used for other reasons: a promise of chastity and purity until marriage; a declaration of loyalty and undying friendship; a statement of your belief in and commitment to God ….. even a promise to oneself to stay clean, sober, whatever. 

If you are buying a Promise Ring for yourself you are probably clear in your own mind what you are doing it for.

However, if you want to buy a promise ring for your loved one to signify some sort of commitment, it is important to clarify what, precisely, you are promising … and then to decide how to give your promise ring?

Let’s go through the steps involved in choosing and presenting your ring.

1) Choosing your ring

First of all, choose a ring that you know your loved one will like. See our article on how to choose your ring.

Hand giving ring - 7779530You can choose a plain band or one engraved with a sentiment you feel is most appropriate. You can, of course, have your own sentiment engraved on a plain band. Alternatively, you can choose a ring with one of the gemstones  – it doesn’t have to be a diamond! A really good idea is to choose  a gemstone that is your loved one’s birthstone – see our page on Birthstones and our Birthstones Chart. This gives you the opportunity to impress your loved one with your romantic side.

Why not choose a ring from one of our favorite jewelry companies, Gemvara, where you can customize your Promise Ring to your own precise requirements – metal, gemstone, setting etc.  This gives you the complete freedom of choice … and, in effect, allows you to design your own ring.

Teenagers hand in hand - 21431405Of course, you and your loved one might want to pick out the Promise Ring together at a local jewelry store or online. It can often be a good idea, choosing and buying a ring together – and possibly buying a ring for each other.  

However, if you want the ring to be a surprise, you’ll have to find out the correct ring size. There are ways of finding out your girl’s ring size – how to find out your girlfriend’s ring size. It is also important to understand what your loved one really likes in a ring. Again, this is not as difficult as it may sound.

So, once you have chosen the ring, you then have to find the best way of presenting it to your loved one.

Couple at restaurant - 24568506

h2>2) Ideas for present your ring: how to give your promise ring

Girl looking at ring - 16109153Idea 1. Slip the ring somewhere, where your loved one will find it  … under her pillow; on her car seat …. but not in her bag or anywhere else where it could get lost. This is the easiest way to present your ring to your loved one.

Idea 2. Create a “treasure hunt” with a set of clues that she has to follow … with the Promise Ring at the end of the trail. This will allow you to use your imagination, creating the clues …. and remember to build into the clues memories that you have shared and are important to you both. This will set the scene for the last clue and the surprise he/she will find at the end – a delightful Promise Ring.

Idea 3. Present the ring to him/her on a Birthday or the Anniversary of your first date, on Valentine’s day …. just choose a memorable occasion that has meaning for you both. Plan something special and then present the ring as part of the celebration. This can be combined with Ideas 4 and 5 below.

Idea 4. Take him/her to a favorite restaurant, say a restaurant, where you first met, where you had your first date …. again, it is up to you to find a location that will mean something to you both. Be relaxed … if you can … and enjoy your time together. You can then decide when it is the best time to present your ring. You can present it early on …. this then allows you to relax properly … or you can leave it until later on in the day/evening, when you have plucked up enough courage to present the ring.

Rings with Love - promise Rings - How to give a promise ring - presenting your ringIdea 5. Plan a special day out with lots of activities he/she likes, ending up with a picnic, a meal at home or at a favorite restaurant. This gives you time to enjoy each other’s company and the day/evening ends with you presenting your ring. 

Idea 5. Slip the ring onto the single stem of your loved one’s favorite flower (a rose ?) and then present the flower and the ring at dinner or at some place that is special to you both. There are several variations of this idea where you can combine flowers and chocolates with your ring. Can you spot the ring in the chocolate box below?

Ring with flowwers and chocolate box-11738548_s


3) How to present the ring.

Hands holding ring -8830368First of all make sure that you both feel the same way about each other. That means having at least one – and ideally two or three conversations – about the relationship and where it is going. 

Be casual. I know it’s a big thing but it’s not a Marriage Proposal … well not yet anyway. You don’t have to go down on one knee for instance. As I said be casual.

Wrap up the ring; use a box with a bow and ribbon.

Tell your loved one what you are promising …. e.g. a commitment not to date anyone else; to be faithful and committed to the relationship.

Use words such as: I love you; I will always be here for you …

You don’t have to put the ring on her finger.  It is a nice gesture but not necessary. Of course she will probably ask for you to put it on for her ….

Where to wear the ring? The ring should go on the middle finger of the Left hand or on the Ring Finger (next to the little finger) on her right hand. It should not be confused with an Engagement Ring. 

4) Is a promise Ring right?

 If you have been dating for some time, a Promise Ring may seem an antiquated idea, especially if you are living together.

If you’re still not ready to be engaged, consider purchasing a special piece of jewelry instead of a ring, such as earrings or a necklace, that can have the same special meaning as a promise ring.

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