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Promise Ring Selection: Posy Rings, Posey Rings, Posie Rings …

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Posey Rings were used as lover’s tokens during the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries in Europe.

These rings (Posy Rings, Posey Rings, Posie Rings – the spelling varies) were simple gold bands given by a young man or woman to their beloved. Usually, there was an inscription engraved on the outside, which was a brief sentiment – a promise, a poem, even the lyrics of a romantic song. In later years, this inscription was engraved on the inside so that it was hidden from sight.

The inscriptions were written using Norman French, Latin and English to express the desired sentiment. 

For more background information see our Main Page on Promise Rings or our history of Posey Rings


Posey Rings make ideal Promise Rings. If you can find one with the the sentiment you want to express, there is no better way of communicating this to the one you love.

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Rings with LIve - Posey rings and jewelry - Heavenly Treasures


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