Romantic Promise Ring Proposals

Romantic Promise Ring Proposals

So, Cupid’s arrow has finally got you and you’re ready to declare your feelings towards your girl. You know how you feel and you know how your girl feels about you. What you now need are some ideas for presenting your ring – some romantic promise ring proposals.

Ready to make a commitment?

You want to make a commitment to each other but feel that an engagement ring is a bit too soon.  A Promise Ring could be the solution – a way of confirming your feelings and a public sign of your commitment to the relationship at the same time.

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Rings with Love - Promise Rings - Birthstone ring

Of course, Promise Rings can be given for a wide range of reasons not just romantic love. See our page on Promise Ring Meanings.

Promise Rings can be used as the confirmation of an enduring (platonic) friendship; as a statement to remain loyal and faithful to your partner; as a commitment to refrain from sexual activity until marriage; and as symbol of your intent to get married – eventually. There may be an exchange of Promise Rings prior to a couple living together.

As you can see, a Promise Can symbolise whatever you want it to mean. It’s important therefore that, if you are planning to give your girl a Promise Ring, you must make it quite clear to her what your feelings and intentions are.

Promise ring 2 - meaning of promise rings - guy giving promise ring to girlThere are no specific rules for buying and presenting a Promise ring to your girlfriend. Promise rings for girls/women come in many different metals and styles – and there are even matching Promise Rings for couples. When it comes to giving a Promise Ring, we cover some of the basics on our page, How to Give a Promise Ring.

So let us consider some Romantic Promise Ring Proposals. 

Popular styles are single solitaire and 3 stone gemstone rings and if you’re feeling really romantic then maybe a heart shaped stone will warm her heart.

Nowadays there is a wide range of designs – as you can see from our own selection of Promise Rings. We have carried out a comprehensive review of the promise rings offered by the major online jewelry stores and have chosen the most striking ones and ones that offer real value for money. Buying one of these will certainly WOW! your girl … and without breaking the bank.

Rings with Love - Promise Rings - Blue topaz sterling silver ring Rings with Love - Promise Rings - Halo Flower Ring Rings with Love - Promise Rings - Double Heart Rings Rose gold ring

Does it have to be a Diamond?

Rings with love - promise rings - how to give your ring - hands holding ring

We’ve all heard that diamonds are “a girl’s best friend” but don’t feel that you need to buy one at this stage.

You certainly don’t!

Buy a ring that contains a gemstone that is her birthstone – or even the birthstone that’s symbolic of the month in which you first met. Either of these can be romantic and meaningful enough. Indeed a single band made of silver, gold or rose gold – possibly engraved with a sentiment of your choice – can be enough to express your feelings.

If you’d like to buy her a diamond but can’t afford it right now, then just buy her a really nice promise ring that you know she’ll love and start saving up for that special engagement ring for when you pop the question later on. 

If you want to choose a Birthstone Ring, see our Birthstone Chart and see which gemstone to choose. 

Oh, and if you need to find out her ring size, check out our article on “How to find out your girlfriend’s ring size” for tips on how to do this without her finding out.

However, the next step after buying the ring is how you go about declaring your feelings and intent. Although we cover the basics on our page How to Give a Promise Ring, if you want the occasion to be really romantic – and your girlfriend will really appreciate it if it is – then it will take a little bit of planning. 

Guys often feel a little self conscious about doing this sort of thing – and that’s quite understandable – so here are a few romantic ideas to WOW your girl.

  • If she’s a softy for poetry, then how about writing out the Olde England poem below – or cut and paste it onto some parchment style paper . Then roll the paper into a scroll and tie it with a beautiful piece of red ribbon thru which you’ve threaded your promise ring – and then pop a long stemmed red rose thru the scroll.  Now all you need is a romantic venue in which to give it to her – watch her go gooey-eyed and then the rest is up to you.

Rings with Love - Promise Rings - Teenagers with rosesThere is a Lady Sweet and Kind

There is a lady sweet and kind,
Was never a face so pleased my mind;
I did but see her passing by,
And yet I’ll love her till I die.

Her gesture, motion, and her smiles,
Her wit, her voice my heart beguiles,
Beguiles my heart, I know not why,
And yet I’ll love her till I die.

Cupid is winged and he doth range,
Her country, so, my love doth change:
But change she earth, or change she sky,
Yet, I will love her till I die.

Thomas Ford   (1580-1648)

This one is great for Valentine’s Day.

  • Chocolate played an important part in the Aztec’s betrothal ceremonies – and of course the Aztecs also loved gold.  Just about every girl loves chocolate, so how about inviting her round for a romantic chocolate feast.   Aztecs used to froth up their chocolate, so make up some hot frothy chocolate in large mugs, buy a rich dark chocolate cake and light some chocolate perfumed candles.  Prior to this, check out the yummiest chocolate store where you can hand select your chocolates and get them packed into a pretty box – but, just before they tie it up with a bow, you pop the ring in.  The only thing you have to ensure with this trick is to give her the chocolate box before she eats all the chocolate cake – otherwise she’ll be so stuffed with chocolate she’ll not want to open the box!


  • Treasure Hunt. This is a good one for any special day – Just about everyone loves the excitement of a treasure hunt – so make it a Christmas, NewYear, Easter, Birthday, Thanksgiving…. whatever you like … Treasure Hunt.   Make sure you’ve got lots of little presents (including your Promise Ring) that you can wrap up and hide around the place.  Make sure that you number all the parcels in the order in which you want her to open them – ie with the ring box last.

TIP: If you’ve got a big house, I’d recommend only hiding them in one room – and keep a note of where you’ve hidden each present. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget one of them – and then discover it 6 months later!

Put some great hunt the parcels music on and tell your girlfriend how many she’s looking for.  Feed her chocolate dipped strawberries (or something equally yummy) whilst she’s looking for the presents. And give her clues as to whether she’s getting warmer or colder as she’s getting close or not to the presents.   Crank up the excitement as much as you can.  Putting little cryptic clues on the outside of each present can get her wondering what on earth is going on.

Girl looking at ring - 16109153Once she’s found all the presents, get her to open them one by one and in number order.  If you’re really clever, you can probably find a way for the presents to have an underlying meaning to the final box with the Promise Ring. For example, maybe you can buy little things that are symbolic of the different places and things that you have done since you first met.

Finally, when she opens the ring box, she’ll have the big surprise.

You may want to put a little note in with the box or say the words yourself – depends how brave you’re feeling.  However, by the time she’s raced around the place and opened up all those presents  – and found the ring – it should be a walkover for you!

Good luck!

Here’s the list of Birthstones so you can start looking for that special Promise Ring for your girlfriend. For more information on Birthstones.

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