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Rings with Love - Gemstones - amethyst - Clover Ring

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Amethyst Birthstone 

Rings with Love - Gemstones - Amethyst - a variety of quartz

Amethyst is the February birthstone and belongs to the quartz group of minerals.  Ranking 7 on the Moh’s scale for hardness, the Amethyst is a fairly durable gemstone and has been a popular choice for jewelry for many centuries.

The Amethyst is notable for its beautiful violet-purple tones, which in ancient times was a color only worn by royalty.  Fortunately, these days, the Amethyst is far more affordable and has become a favorite gemstone for rings and all types of birthstone jewelry. 

Amethyst Color 

The Amethyst owes its beautiful color to the presence of iron and aluminium impurities.  As a result, the gemstone can be found in a wide range of purple shades from purple to violet and reddish violet, although the deeper tones of purple are the most valuable – particularly those with flashes of red and rose colors.  The appearance of bands of color in an amethyst is an excellent way of differentiating it from other purple stones.

Rings with love - gemstones - amethyst - variety of amethyst stonesAmethyst quartz is usually untreated since high temperature treatment can alter its mineral balance and change it from purple to shades of yellow, brown, green or make it colorless.

For example, Green Amethyst is not a true amethyst but is created by exposing pale lavender quartz to high temperature treatment. This changes it into a pretty spring green.  In a similar way, the golden colored gemstone Citrine can also be created by exposing pale Amethyst stones to high temperature treatment. The name Amethyst should therefore only be given to the purple variety of quartz. See


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