Special Occasions

There are many times during a couple’s life together that call for special celebrations: Valentine’s Days, Birthdays, Anniversaries, the birth of a new baby – and many other times when you just want to show how much you care for the love of your life.  Sometimes, just a big hug and a bunch of flowers is all you need, but on other occasions, you simply have to go that extra mile and find a more memorable and enduring way.

Valentine’s Day

You don’t need a Saint to tell you that this is the one day of the year when you really do need to remember your loved one – and show them that they still are “the one”.  When we’re all leading such busy lives, we can sometimes forget just how loving and supportive our partner, wife, husband – or indeed mother, has been and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for us to stop and show them it’s all been worthwhile. 

We’ve put together a special, hand-picked selection of gifts (both for him and for her) so  you can pick the one that you think your loved one will adore – and realise just how much you really care.


Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, or a special day that only you two share, you’ll want to mark the occasion in a romantic way. If giving some jewelry feels the perfect thing to do, then browse through our “Wedding Anniversary Gemstone Chart” to find the ideal gem for your anniversary year.   Whether it’s your first anniversary (try a freshwater pearl) or your 20th (a stunning emerald!) we’ve a wide range of gorgeous gemstone rings for you to tempt your loved one and celebrate another year.


If it’s a birth year your loved one’s looking forward to celebrating – or yet another one making her feel she’s getting on a bit, then what better way to cheer her up than with a sparkly ring.  Score even more points, by checking out her birthstone from our “Birthstone Chart”

Birth of a New Baby

Celebrate the birth of your new baby and show your wife just how much you appreciate her mammoth production efforts, with an eternity ring.  Eternity rings, symbolize the eternal circle of love and life and are designed either as a “full eternity” ring where the stones are set completely around the shank,  or a “half eternity” ring, where the stones are arranged at the front. Choose from a wide range of gorgeous settings and gemstones – selecting one with classic diamonds or maybe one with a mix of diamonds and the birthstone of your new babe.

Mother’s Day

Mothers, what would we do without them.  Nurturing, caring, cooking, cleaning … and rarely putting themselves first.  Help your mother celebrate her day with a gift she’d love to treat herself to, but rarely or never does – A stunning piece of jewelry!    Select the perfect piece from our range of mother’s day gifts and make your mother feel truly appreciated and loved on her special day.

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