20 Things to do with Mom for Mother’s Day 2013

20 Things to do with Mom for Mother’s Day 2013

You can make Mother’s Day this year a very special day for your Mom – if you take the initiative and do something different. 

It’s all very well looking for presents for Mom  – and we wouldn’t want to discourage you from showing your appreciation by buying great mother’s day gifts for your Mom on Mother’s Day 2013. However, it is not always about the things you buy your mom …. it can be the time you set aside to spend with her.

Yes, jewelry, flowers, perfume, beauty treatments etc are good gifts for Mom but there are times when you need to be a little more creative. 

With this in mind, we have taken a different approach to creating our list of 20 things to do with Mom for Mother’s Day 2013. 

Things to do if your mom lives far away

1)  Phone her up for a long chat …. chances are that you’re so busy with your life during the bulk of the year that you only phone her occasionally … and rarely for that long.  This year, rather than simply sending a card, phone her up for a long chat. Maybe organise Skype for her.

2)  Set her up with email, instant messaging etc. if she hasn’t already got these services; arrange for someone to show her how to use them properly. Get someone to set up a web cam for her so she can see you as well as speak to you during the coming year.

Things to do if you are meeting up with your Mom 

  • Take her for a spa treatment – maybe a facial or a body massage
  • Have a manicure or a pedicure together 
  • Organise a reflexology session for her to give her extra energy 
  • Take her out for a special tea-time treat 
  • Take her to the Zoo – rekindle her memories of family trips to the zoo 
  • Take her for a drive to a nice spot for a picnic – pack lots of her favorite foods and champagne 
  • Go shopping together to her favorite stores 
  • Take her to the theatre 
  • If she loves gardening, take her to a great garden centre and treat her to a plant 
  • Take a trip to the beach or a walk in the country 
  • Take her out for Sunday lunch 

Things to do with Mom at home 

  • Throw a surprise party with all the family 

  • Bake a cake and have a tea party 

  • Organise a treasure hunt and hide lots of little gifts around the room or garden for her.  

  • Take her breakfast in bed

  • Cook Sunday Lunch for her 

  • Take her back down memory lane by making her a scrap book of things from her past eg. photos of you as children, pictures of products she used to buy, photos of clothes she used to wear (eg. 60’s 70’s 80’s clothes), old newspaper stories… trawl the internet for pictures and ideas.  Theme the day with a meal based on the type of foods eaten during the 1960’s, 70’s or 80’s.  Make the whole thing fun – dress up in the style of the period.  

  • Treat her like a queen for the whole day.  That means doing all the cooking, clearing up and waiting on her hand and foot.  After all she’s done that for you the other 364 days of the year! 

If you want to know more about the History of Mother’s Day … or about the way Mother’s Day was started in the USA.

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