Choosing a ring to buy for the one you love can appear a daunting task …. especially if you have never bought a ring before. However, once you know what you are doing you will find great delight in browsing through the various rings that are featured here, on our Rings with Love website.

Here you can buy a ring that is just right for the occasion and the one you love. There is a wide choice of rings for you to buy … and there is background information to help you choose exactly the right ring. So, go on browse through these pages and choose your ring.

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Promise Rings

Rings with love - Engagement Rings - Proposal

Engagement Rings

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Wedding Rings

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Special Occasions

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Gemstone Rings

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Birthstone Rings

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Diamond Rings

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Antique – Vintage Rings

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Men’s Rings

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Princess Diana-Kate Middleton Ring

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Other jewelry

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Special Offers

Our collection of rings encompasses: Promise Rings (including Friendship Rings, Loyalty Rings, Claddagh Rings); Purity and Faith Rings; Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and rings for Special Occasions. There are rings for men (rings for him) as well as rings for girls/women (rings for her). There are also some practical tips on: how to find out your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s ring size; when is the right time to buy a Promise Ring; how to WOW ! your girl friend on a budget; the kind of ring to buy; how to present your ring and so on. See Choosing Your Ring.