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Latest Wedding Ring Trends

These days a wedding ring doesn’t have to be just a plain band.   A recent trend is for many couples to opt for something just a little more special or original – and nowadays there are plenty of designs to choose from.  Whilst some designs seem to have been around forever, there are new ones just emerging –  and fast new fashions for those in the know.  Here are some of the latest ideas in Wedding Ring design for you to check out 

  1. Wedding Rings for Couples:  No longer are rings just for the bride, as many a groom wants his wedding ring too.   Many couples are now choosing matching rings or rings that compliment each others.  Look for rings designed for couples, but also be creative and look for two rings with a similar theme that’s symbolic for both of you.
  2. Stacked wedding rings:  Two or three wedding rings – worn either side of the engagement ring (a la Britney Spears) or as a stack of complimentary rings, all enhancing each other.  These rings can be in different metals or with flush set diamonds or other gemstones.
  3. Adding Wedding rings over time:  Couples can choose to buy all their rings at the same time for the wedding ceremony or start with one and add another on their 1st wedding anniversary.

    This is a great idea, because not only does a stack of rings create a stunning effect, but it creates a great opportunity to celebrate a special occasion (like the birth of a new baby) with another ring.  Having a number of rings gives the wearer the opportunity to mix and match them at any one time – although many women may choose not to remove the very first wedding ring that was placed on their finger. 

  4. Vintage and Antique wedding rings:  This is a trend that shows no sign of going away in the foreseeable future.   Select your ring from a range of historical periods: Romantic Victorian, Sparkling Diamond Edwardian and the Dramatic Show Stopping Art Deco.
  5. Wedding rings with diamonds:  Wedding rings are definitely getting more exciting, with demands for diamonds or colored gemstones set into the bands.   The diamonds are intrically placed into “flush”, “grain” or “channel” settings that create a more interesting effect than just a plain band of gold. 
  6. Pave Diamond wedding rings:  For the ultimate in “bling”, a pave set ring with its tiny faceted diamonds, will certainly wow your wedding guests.   Pave rings with their elegant platinum and white diamond settings became popular during the Edwardian period and have been making a welcome return in recent years.  Available now in white gold and yellow gold as well as platinum, a pave ring is the perfect way to create an ambience of luxury and elegance.
  7. Colored Gemstone wedding Rings: As with fashion clothing, so the swing back to color is with us again and with it a trend towards wedding rings with gemstone.  With a myriad of gemstones to choose from you can complement your bridesmaid’s dresses and other wedding colors with your special gemstone wedding ring.  Now do you fancy one with some pink sapphires or maybe one with some blue?
  8. Two toned metal wedding rings:  Can’t decide between white gold or yellow gold?  No problem, just follow one of the trends and have both.   Wedding rings are now being designed using a combination of metals.  Select from a variety of styles from elegant parallel bands to rings made from fashionably twisted strands of white and yellow gold.
  9. Platinum wedding rings:  A beautiful white metal, discovered during the Edwardian period and still a popular trend today.  Platinum is the metal of choice for many celebrities, not just because it’s a bit more pricey, but because the metal’s hard wearing and lustrous quality will last for a lifetime.   Whilst rings in white gold need occasional re-plating with rhodium to maintain their whiteness and sheen, Platinum rings don’t – and are less likely to show scratches as well. 
  10. Titanium wedding rings and Tungsten Carbide wedding rings:  These high tech metals are not only stylish but highly durable and ideal for couples wanting a streamlined and modern industrial look.  If you’re the kind of person who loves the latest gadgets and gizmos, then this look may be for you. 
  11. Hammered Wedding Rings:  A great ring choice for the groom who works for a living with his hands.  No problem getting the odd dent or scratch with these rings, since their creatively hammered metal will help disguise a multitude of wear and tear. 

Celtic and Claddagh Wedding Bands:  These romantic rings conjure up wistful musings of Celtic music and times long ago, when simple ceremonies and the joining of hands bonded loving couples for life.   With a wide range of men and women’s styles from Trinity Knot, Celtic Spirals and Celtic Heart designs, your Celtic wedding band will truly seal your eternal love and devotion for each other.

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